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Tourism in Chile has experienced sustained growth over the last decades. Chile received about 1.25 million foreign visitors in 2006,[1] up to 2.50 million in 2007[2] The percentages of foreign tourists arrivals by land, air and sea were, respectively, 55.3%, 40.5% and 4.2% for that year.[1] The two main gateways for international tourists visiting Chile are Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport and Paso Los Libertadores.

Chile has a great diversity of natural landscapes, from the Mars-like landscapes of the hyperarid Atacama Desert to the glacier-fed fjords of the Chilean Patagonia, passing by the winelands backdropped by the Andes of the Central Valley and the old-growth forests of the Lakes District. Easter Island and Juan Fernández Archipelago, including Robinson Crusoe Island, are also major attractions.

Many of the most visited attractions in Chile are protected areas. The extensive Chilean protected areas system includes 32 national parks, 48 natural reserves and 15 natural monuments.

Since 2005 local people groups have been working on a project, Sendero de Chile,[3] to create an 8,000 km trail throughout Zona Sur for bicycling and hiking. This trail demonstrates a shift from traditional tourism toecotourism, and when complete will travel through various provinces and regions, primarily south of Zona Central