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Tourism in Croatia is a well-developed industry. Many tourists visit to experience the country's extensive coastline and well-preserved coastal Renaissance towns. In 2005, Croatia had 10 million tourist visitors,[1] and in 2008 11.26 million tourists.[2]

The interior of the country, with the exception of the capital Zagreb, the erstwhile Baroque capital Varaždin and a plethora of medieval castles, has fewer tourist attractions. Eight areas in the country have been designated national parks, and the landscape in these areas is afforded extra protection from development. Several companies run flotillas of yachts along different stretches of the coastline, which is also popular with divers.

The country is currently being advertised under the motto The Mediterranean As It Once Was.

Lonely Planet named Croatia as the top pick destination for 2005,[3] while National Geographic Adventure Magazine named Croatia as Destination of the Year in 2006.[4]