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Dubai, the fastest growing city in the world, is now famous for its service-oriented economy and tourism industry, supported by the housing boom a few years ago. Are the hotels, buildings and shopping centers in the world, and even giant artificial palm islands visible from space. And all this in a sandy desert by the sea. No wonder visitors describe it as "surreal." Previously, the city was a bustling port, scale of foreign traders. In the 60's it was discovered offshore oil, changing its appearance, to the great economic center of the United States than it is today.

Although modern and full of shops, you can still find traditional Arab culture between skyscrapers, if you know where to look.

Dubai has a subtropical arid climate with high summer temperatures and sun all year round guaranteed. Winter days are warm but nights are cool. There, heavy rains are unknown and instead there are sandstorms.

The Dubai International Airport , the hub of Emirates Airline, is the main gateway to the Middle East. It has a large duty free shopping, and won numerous awards for excellence in its services . The airport is connected to the center of Dubai Metro, from terminals 1 and 3, but the taxi is the means of transport used to complete the journey.