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Seychelles was assumed to be the original “Garden of Eden”; such was the beauty of this tropical paradise. A beautiful, amazing and romantic place, it makes you ecstatic. Spotless beaches of powder-soft white sands, warm turquoise waters, virgin forests and the touch of Creole intimacy; perfect for a honeymoon. The sporty and adventurous could indulge in the mind-boggling range of water sports, hikes and excursions. The 115 islands are blessed with tremendous natural beauty and a colorful ethnic diversity, something which appeals universally. And their energy, dance and music make the Seychellois truly “bon vivant”.

Highlights: Get seduced in a land of virgin beauty, romance on the exquisite Anse Source D”Argent , dive or snorkel at some of the world”s best marine spots, savor some mouthwatering cuisines, stay in seaside chalets and wash away your blues.

Best time to visit: The varying weather of Seychelles is suited for different types of tourists. May and October are suited for windsurfing and sailing. Beaches tend to vary as per seasons; some are windier than others. Diving is best in March, April, May, September, October and November. The peak tourist season is in December, January, July and August.